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Planungsgruppe M+M AG, founded in 1970, is one of the largest medium-sized engineering offices for technical building equipment in Germany and provides consulting and planning services for the construction and operation of buildings and technical infrastructure. More than 370 employees work at seven locations throughout Germany. The service portfolio includes all classic Technical Building Services, including electrical engineering and instrumentation and control technology. In addition, there is planning and consulting competence in technical consulting, medical technology, laboratory technology, facility management and business organization consulting. Customers are the public sector (clinics, institutes, public administration buildings) and the private sector (industry, trade, finance and insurance). Actively taking up the latest technical developments, implementing them in practicable solutions, willingness to take innovative approaches and knowledge of the processes and goals of our customers as basis for successful projects.

INTERSTORES Project role

The PGM along with the partners will be contributing to the development of a unique experimental field lab (incampus basin C) that will serve for flexible material testing, thermal/ hydraulic performance monitoring, model calibration, validation and robust Reno-sTES optimisation.

PGM will also contribute to developing multi-cascaded, multi-purpose, and multi-functional storage solutions by elaborating sensitive operational parameters (e.g., sTES temperature ranges, fluid circulation, modes of cascading or parallel operation, etc.), which will also benefit from preliminary ground/sTES model analysis (e.g., computed storage efficiencies and ambient heat losses).

This will be tackled by general scenario analysis with the demo models, as well by generalising sTES characteristics to arrive at generally valid results. INTERSTORES will not develop detailed energy system models from scratch, but rely on preparatory work by the partners, using modern, process-based, site-specific energy system models (e.g., TRNSYS by PGM at incampus). These serve as the basis to produce sufficiently detailed streamlined system models developed by the partners. 

PGM, along with the partners, will also deliver solutions to different market segments, e.g., novel reuse methods, heating/ cooling, renewable energy solutions, caverns construction, maintenance and integration solutions in systems. It will also be assigned the role of the „charging manager“ developing advanced control strategies and methods of charging and discharging allowing for the benchmarking, developing of transferability and best practices as well as leading the WP „Demonstrators“.

Contact person

Mr. Michael Wös - Marketing and Communications

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„Energy conservation is the foundation of energy independence.“
Rainer Strobel
Member of Executive Board, Division Manager Technical Consulting at PGMM