INTERSTORES at Enerstock 2024

This was the exciting year for geoscientists and energy storage sector as it is the year of Enerstock Conference. Enerstock is a prominent international conference on energy storage, focusing on the latest science & innovation, policies, and PRIMENA in the field. Enerstock is a triennial event organised by the IEA Energy Storage Technology Collaboration Programme and attracting a vast number of attendees, making it an extraordinary platform for networking and sharing of new ideas and solutions. As it is organised once every tree year, the attendance and presentation were highly important for our partners and for the project INTESRTORES itself. Enerstock 2024 “The 16th IAE EST CP International Conference on Energy Storage” was held in Lyon, Paris from 5th to 7th June.

Christoph Bott presenting poster "The IN-Campus: A lighthouse site for re-used infrastructures as seasonal thermal energy storage"

We are proud to announce that INTERSTORES coordinators, Prof. Peter Bayer and Dr. Christoph Bott attended this Enerstock 2024, presenting the collaborative work of our partners. 

They presented the work titled as poster presentation “The IN-Campus: A lighthouse site for re-used infrastructures as seasonal thermal energy storage” and “Modeling multi-basin water-gravel thermal energy storages with STORE” as oral presentation.

The presentations attracted attention for its insightful analysis and potential impact on future applications of seasonal Thermal Energy Storage.

This event has been an excellent opportunity for our partners to showcase their innovative research and propel the INTERSTORES project to the scientific community and beyond.

The proceedings of the Conference will be available soon.