The 1st INTERSTORES Press Release is out!

The INTERSTORES project addresses one of renewable energy’s most significant challenges: long-term storage. Seasonal fluctuations result in a surplus of thermal energy during the warmer months, which until now, could not be efficiently stored for use during the colder seasons. The project’s aim is to bridge this gap in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way. The essential part of the INTERSTORES project are two demonstration sites incampus in Ingolstadt, Germany and Vectes near Helsinki, Finland. Two demo sites provide a practical demonstration of innovation modules application and set a major focus on maximizing their replication potential.

International Innovation Network for the Development of Cost- and Environmentally Efficient Seasonal Thermal Energy Storages – INTERSTORES project is funded through Horizon Europe Innovation Action.

The project consortium comprises 13 partner institutions from 8 countries (Germany, Finland, France, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Romania and Serbia) led by Prof. Dr. Peter Bayer and Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.

Read the full announcement to learn more about long-term thermal energy storage.