Research support


Open science practices

INTERSTORES consortium will be aligned with Horizon Europe’s Key Impact Pathway on “Fostering Diffusion of Knowledge and Open Science”. The audience includes the academic sector, sTES developers, SMEs, relevant stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and the public.
According to the project activities, industry partners will develop a privileged market position.
Embracing open science practices will contribute to heightened innovation, more effective resource utilisation, favourable regulatory conditions and enhanced research collaboration. This approach ensures that accelerated knowledge sharing within the consortium is viewed not as a brain drain but as a catalyst for progress.


Research data management and management of other research outputs

INTERSTORES will be in line with FAIR principles in managing coherent data management. A data management plan (DMP) will be created and throughout the project, the database will be treated with utmost confidentiality among partners. Sensitive data with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) conflicts will be permanently flagged as confidential and unflagged data will be pseudonymized for public sharing during INTERSTORES, fostering Open Science practices for activities such as model cross-validation, sensitivity analysis, and technical/economic/environmental assessments. Any flagged sensible data intended for publication will involve supplementary sharing of anonymized/aggregated data, guided by de-identification techniques outlined in the DMP, ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards. Most relevant for INTERSTORES will be existing, new fields and experimental, as well as modelled/predicted data, which are related to the demos. Characterisation and monitoring of the demos, data acquisition and DMP-consistent archiving will include setting up data acquisition systems. DMP will contain standards, storage formats and structures and naming conventions. The gathered information will be classified and categorised according to the same interoperable structure. INTERSTORES will use persistent and unique identifiers and trusted repositories in publishing the data and research results. Data-sharing licenses, processing scripts and software codes, complemented by detailed documentation, will facilitate seamless integration of complex, multidimensional data in simulation models, while including affiliation and contact information with descriptive metadata for long-term recoverability in case of public availability loss.