The new Horizon Europe INTERSTORES Project brand

Introducing the INTERSTORES Project brand and visual identity.

Today, we are introducing the INTERSTORES Project, an EU-funded Project through Horizon Europe. The INTERSTORES Project aims to innovate and re-design the seasonal Thermal Energy Storage (sTES) processes to be more efficient, economically, and environmentally sustainable and marketable.

As the demand for reliable and flexible energy sources intensifies, the energy storage market plays a pivotal role in reshaping how we generate, distribute and consume energy. With advancements in technology, innovation, and a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability, seasonal thermal energy storage as a marketable concept stands as a beacon for propelling a new era where energy is intelligently and sustainably stored, ensuring a resilient and eco-friendly energy landscape for generations to come.

The INTERSTORES Project aims to achieve market acceptance, technological attractiveness, and competitiveness by improving performance, cost-effectiveness and increased reliability of seasonal thermal energy storage. By merging knowledge from experts in various fields and sectors (engineering, (hydro)geological, environmental, applied disciplines, etc.), the Consortium of 13 partners from 8 countries will aim to achieve high exploitability through technology transfer measures.


The INTERSTORES Project stands at the forefront, aiming to address and overcome the challenges posed by the rapidly evolving thermal energy landscape. The INTERSTORES teams focus on the deployment of advanced sTES technologies, specifically Reno-sTES (re-used infrastructure into a robust and reliable sTES facility in low-temperature networks) and Giga-CTES (large-scale cavern thermal energy storage) to contribute significantly to the EU’s commitment to sustainable and low-carbon energy storage solutions.

The Project logo essentially creates a visual story that connects the everlasting patterns of nature, INTERSTORES’ technological innovation and the hexagon’s intrinsic connotation of sustainable energy. It corresponds to the commitment to sustainability principles and balance with nature as well as the pursuit of technological advancements and innovations in the energy storage industry to create a more feasible and reliable future.



One of the fundamental forms of nature, the hexagon represents a variety of frequencies. This geometric shape is included in several forms associated with sacred geometry of life. The hexagon shape is predominantly found in nature, from the centres of snowflakes to honeycombs.

The hexagon is a highly versatile shape that finds applications in various scientific and technological fields, ranging from molecular structures in chemistry to structural designs in engineering, reflecting its inherent properties of efficiency, stability, and symmetry.

The hexagon shape assumes a twofold meaning in relation to the INTERSTORES Project and the thermal energy storage. At the intersection of cutting-edge solutions and environmentally friendly practices, the INTERSTORES program represents the precision and balance necessary for technological growth. The hexagon’s six equal sides embody the harmony that has been sought in the development and use of sTES technologies, such as Giga-CTES and Reno-sTES, in correlation with the energy sector’s decarbonization promise made by the European Union.

Green colour is emblematic of nature, symbolising the freshness of spring, the emergence of new growth and beginnings and corresponds to the concepts of evolution and vibrancy.

Blue is a colour known for its steadiness and unwavering characteristics and is commonly associated with tranquillity and peace. Also, blue represents the cold water in the sTES system.

The colour red, meanwhile, is indicative of passion and confidence, fostering a sense of preparedness and inspiring proactive actions. Additionally, in the sTES system, red symbolises the hot water.

The hexagonal structure’s use of red, green, and blue provides a layer of significance that speaks to energy storage and the INTERSTORES Project goals.